On June 15 Join in to Discuss Daphne Oram's 1971 Book 'An Individual…

A proper online discussion forum was recently introduced on Disquiet.com. The implementation is still in beta, but it seems to be functioning well. One of the things the forum will support is an occasional book club. After much deliberation, the first book we’ll be collectively reading and talking about is the… » 6/07/14 11:37pm 6/07/14 11:37pm

"Making Waves Make Waves"

I continue to explore modular synthesis, with my nascent Eurorack (small format) setup assembled, and then expanded thanks to some loaner modules from a friend. The above track is the first thing I thought was vaguely upload-worthy. It’s titled “Making Waves Make Waves” because it’s an early attempt at using waves as… » 6/04/14 8:59pm 6/04/14 8:59pm

Deep South Ambient

Ambient music can have an unfinished quality, because it leaves so much space open. “Three Aimless Clouds” by Michael Ash Sharbaugh is less aimless than much such music, though, thanks to several qualities, key among them a rising, siren-like tone that marks the opening of the track, and a melodic insistence that… » 6/04/14 10:28am 6/04/14 10:28am