Luke Skywalker Is a True Jedi Master in his First Photo from The Force Awakens (Updated)

I wish I had something clever or profound to say about the first photo of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker taken in 30 years, or about it being the first time we’ve ever seen Luke wearing traditional Jedi robes. But I don’t. My stomach is full of tiny Star Wars-obsessed butterflies and I’m just really, really happy right… »8/13/15 5:34pm8/13/15 5:34pm

I’ve officially crossed over from shaking my head sadly to hysterical laughter at every new bit of information over this. More, I say! PUT MORE PEOPLE IN IT! Like the great song from the epic film Streets of Fire tells us: “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH GOING NOWHERE, BABY/BUT WE SHOULD BE GOING NOWHERE FAST!” Let’s… »7/30/15 4:56pm7/30/15 4:56pm

Brimstone And Treacle Was Banned For 11 Years, But Now It's Back

Dennis Potter was frequently a controversial writer — but his TV play Brimstone and Treacle is possibly his nastiest work. Banned for over 10 years by the BBC, this play about a suburban family who gets the perfect houseguest (who is probably Satan) is just horrible. And kind of insane. See for yourself. »6/08/15 9:00pm6/08/15 9:00pm